Monday, February 10, 2014

Czech slopestyle boarder crashes and destroys her helmet (VIDEO)

Sarka Pancochova of the Czech Republic was the latest victim of Sochi’s slopestyle course when she fell and smashed her head during her second run of the finals on Sunday.

The same course Olympic superstar Shaun White bailed on, after he deemed it too dangerous, seems to be living up to its "sketchy" reputation.

Fortunately for the 23-year-old Pancochova, competitors are required to wear helmets. And Pancochova's brainbucket may have saved her from a major head injury. But, alas, her headgear wasn't so lucky and was destroyed on impact.

Unable to cleanly land the first jump of her second run, Pancochova fell hard on the course. As she crash landed, her head smacked hard against the slope. Laid out on the snow at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, medical personnel rushed over and tended to her. Luckily, it didn't take long for Pancochova to get back to her feet and made it down to the bottom of the course on her board and a fifth place finish.

American Jamie Anderson took home the gold with a strong second run — and she actually called the tough Russian course “fun” afterwards.

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