Sunday, February 16, 2014

Canadian bobsledder suffers belly-busting wardrobe malfunction (PHOTO)

While the USA speed skating team blames their untested skinsuits for diminishing their chances at Olympic glory, one Canadian bobsledder had sense enough to try his suit on before he was scheduled to compete — to humorous results.

Thanks to his wardrobe malfunction, Christopher Spring found out just in time that his Olympic gear was just a tiny big snug. 

"I tried on my race suit ahead of tomorrow's 2man Olympic race and its a tight. 
#powerbelly," Spring tweeted, along with a photo of his stomach bursting through the center of the suit.

This is Spring's first time competing for Canada in the Olympics. Hopefully the team found time to outfit him with a roomier suit for Sunday's competition.

Or keep him away from the Olympic Village food court.

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