Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canadian bobsled team flips over and finishes race upside down (VIDEO)

Members of Canada's four-man bobsled team were fortunate to walk away uninjured after a wild crash during the second run of the event at the Winter Olympics in Sochi Saturday.

The Canada 3 sled lifted off the track before turning over on its side as it entered a corner and slid down the Sanki Sliding Center track out of control.

Fortunately, pilot Justin Kripps and team members Jesse Lumsden, Cody Sorensen and Ben Coakwell escaped serious injury and were able to walk away from the crash scene after the sled crossed the finish line upside down.

The Canadian team had decided to change line-ups ahead of the race in order to give Kripps the most powerful team, but that decision was literally turned on its head.

Since the sled passed the finish line, the crew was able to compete Sunday — where they bounced back with the 10th fastest time in the event.

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