Friday, February 14, 2014

Warm temps allow Norwegian cross-country skier to race in shorts, short sleeves (PHOTOS)

How hot was it in Sochi this week?

It was so warm Friday that Norwegian cross-country Chris Jespersen went for the unconventional approach of shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in the men's 15km classic final. 

That's right, an outdoor Winter Olympic event that takes place on snow-covered mountains featured a competitor dressed like he was headed for margaritas in Key West.

Coming into the Winter Olympics in Sochi, everybody expected that there wouldn't be a whole lot of winter-like temperatures. The city itself is a resort town in southern Russia on the Black Sea, not known for its cold climate or snow. Even the nearby mountains where the events requiring snow have been held have seen warm temperatures. 

Believe it or not, there's more white stuff in Atlanta right now!

Short-sleeve tops haven't been all that rare in the cross-country competitions as temperatures have been climbing upwards of 60 degrees but shorts haven't been the norm — until now.

Jespersen finished the race in sixth place, a little more than a minute behind Switzerland's Dario Cologna for the gold and 22 seconds behind Daniel Richardsson of Sweden for bronze.

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