Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Man unfolds 'My Sister' sign in response to kiss cam (VIDEO)

Being caught on a "kiss cam" can be a romantic moment for any couple, but sometimes it can be like kissing your sister — literally.

In this video clip, a man and a woman are not amused at being urged to lock lips on the big screen — at least not at first. As sometimes the case during kiss cams — the pair are not in a romantic relationship — in fact, according to the man's note, they are brother and sister.

The clip was filmed at a Minnesota Golden Gophers game and shows the Tom Hanks lookalike and a pretty blonde woman caught on the arena's kiss cam.

The man notices that the pair are up on the Jumbotron when he takes a folded piece of paper out of his jacket.

The woman smiles slyly and shakes her head in protest as the crowd awaits their kiss.

Seconds pass and nothing happens, as they both refuse to address the awkward situation being presented on the jumbo-tron.

Finally, after nearly 30 seconds, and with perfect comic timing, the man unfolds his piece of paper, which reads: "My sister" with an arrow pointing to the blonde woman.

As they both break down laughing, the crowd cheers and the camera presumably moves on to an actual couple.

Still wondering why this guy was already prepared though.

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