Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Canadian women top USA, 3-2, after controversial goal (PHOTO)

One of sports most heated rivalries just got a little hotter after a controversial goal helped Canada beat the USA women's hockey team, 3-2, in Sochi.

During the third period of Wednesday's round-robin match between the two top-rated teams, the puck trickled toward the American net and snuck behind goalie Jessie Vetter. As the puck disappeared from view for a second, that's when the controversy started.

As the puck slowly moved towards the goal line, the referees blew the whistle. The question was if it blew before or after the puck eventually went in. Immediately the Canadians celebrated the goal and the horn sounded for the score.

After the review, the referees called it a good goal, despite the fact that the puck seemed to be short of the goal line at the time of the whistle. Here's a look at where the puck was when the whistle blew.

It's tough to see how after a review, why that goal would stand. The whistle definitely did blow before the puck went in and that's not much of a question. Certainly it could be argued and deserves to be pointed out, the play probably shouldn't have been blown dead in the first place but we see it all the time in the NHL. If the referees lose sight of the puck, the whistle has to blow and the play is dead.

At the end it was called a good goal giving Canada a 2-1 lead and ultimately led to a 3-2 victory after a USA rally fell short.

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