Friday, February 21, 2014

Teenager arrested for posting threatening tweets to Knicks owner James Dolan: Report

One disturbed fan from Staten Island just might be taking the New York Knicks disastrous season a little too personally— or maybe the recent hike in his cable bill.

Johnny Giamella — a 19-year-old son of a New York City cop — threatened the life of James Dolan, the owner of Madison Square Garden, the Knicks, the Rangers and cable TV giant Cablevision in several posts to his Twitter account, reported  the New York Daily News.

“James Dolan, it’s officially time to die,” Giamella allegedly tweeted. That was followed by the tweet, “Death to James Dolan,” police said.

Giamella also posted  pictures of himself holding a gun to the camera and a sharp metal object to his neck.

And in a bizarre photo, a naked Giamella is seen holding a gun over his penis, according to a criminal complaint.

Reached at the family’s home, Giamella’s mother declined to comment.

Dolan’s security chief noticed the alarming postings and reported them to police, the complaint says.

Giamella was charged harassment.

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  1. James Dolan why don't you just sell the team to an owner who cares about NY Fans and the Knicks.