Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jerry Seinfeld joins Mets broadcast booth (VIDEO)

If you don't already get enough of "Seinfeld " reruns airing non-stop on television these days, maybe you were lucky enough to catch real-life Jerry calling the Mets game at Citi Field Tuesday night.

The star of the iconic TV sitcom and die-hard Mets fan joined old friend Keith "Pretty Boy" Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen in the SNY broadcast booth during the game against the Giants.

The comedian brought his usual sense of of the absurd to the quartet and offered a few What's the deal with takes on things bothering Mets fans (maybe not) these days. Seinfeld suggested padding the outfield walls with sofa cushions to make them safer and getting complimentary surgery for mentioning Dr. James Andrews on the air. He even touched on Hernandez's make-out scene with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the classic hour-long 1992 episode "The Boyfriend." Hernandez sounded joyful recalling they did the scene in "eight takes."

As hopefully expected, it was a broadcast segment about nothing. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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