Friday, September 13, 2013

Colts' Andrew Luck has likeness created in Indiana cornfield maze (PHOTO)

One way you know you've made it in the mid-west is to have your image carved out in a cornfield. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is the latest middle-American star to be granted that honor.

This 12-acre corn field maze in Waterloo, Indiana with the Indianapolis QB's image gouged out of the 10-foot stalks will be open to the public on Sept. 21. According to Larry Smith, whose family runs the maze, the idea came about after a friend carved a Peyton Manning maze in Denver last year.

Smith said he got permission from Luck and the Colts to use their logo. He's also invited the second-year QB to the maze but hasn't heard anything yet.

The maze, which was tweeted out by ESPN’s Darren Rovell not only features the likeness of Luck (while in mid-pass), but has his name and a cut-out horseshoe resembling the Colts’ logo, none of which could have been easy to do. Aliens couldn't have done it any better.

Call it an amazing maize maze.

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