Friday, September 20, 2013

Andy Reid gets weird with Sal Paolantonio in postgame interview (VIDEO)

Things got a little pushy and a lot weirder as Kansas City Chiefs new coach Andy Reid made his way through the postgame scrum of reporters and photographers after his team had just defeated his former team the Eagles, 26-16, on his old stomping grounds at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

When ESPN's Sal Paolantonio approached the coach —after what had to be a gratifying and emotional victory — Reid went out of his way to avoid speaking to him. Reid even instructed a couple of bodyguards to lead interference for him.

Reid made no such fuss about getting hooked up with NFL Network's Alex Flanagan seconds later though.  Was Paolantonio jock-blocking Flanagan — whose network broadcast the game?

Still a very strange television moment.

Compare with the Alex Flanagan interview.


  1. Sal Paolantonio is a Philadelphia sports reporter. I'm assuming he must have bothered Andy Reid at some point during his time with the Eagles.

    Not that difficult to put two and two together.

  2. Good for Andy,he had to be sick of Sal after 14 yrs of his ego drooling comments.