Sunday, September 29, 2013

AJ McCarron gets victory peck from 'girlfriend' Katherine Webb (VIDEO)

After Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron led the Crimson Tide to a shutout victory against Ole Miss on Saturday, his rumored ex-girlfriend, the Carl's Jr. hamburger model — and Brent Musburger muse —  Katherine Webb, was on hand to congratulate him with a kiss — make that more of a peck — on the cheek.

Webb was seen planting a nice but somewhat awkward congratulatory smooch on McCarron's cheek after the quarterback took a victory jog over to his parents.

After he kissed mom and dad first, McCarron turned to get a quick one from Webb and got the kind of congratulatory pucker he would sooner expect from an LSU fan.

The couple reportedly dated for a year, but as they rose to fame the relationship apparently fell by the wayside.

"Yes (they've broken up)," Webb's mother, Leslie Webb, recently told RadarOnline.

"Katherine’s just trying to stay real busy."

Another source told the gossip site that they could just be on a "break" for now.

Speaking to The New York Daily News, the former Miss Alabama gushed about her love of football season in an interview about her sexy new Carl's Jr. and Hardees ad campaign.

"I'm so excited about football season," she said. "I just love watching it. It gives me something to look forward during the fall. I'm pretty close with Auburn and Alabama."

Sounds like Alabama is in the friendzone now.


  1. That's how you kiss?

  2. Another faithless pretty face not worth a dime, drop her quick and forever dude or she'll take that fat NFL signing bonus and leave you!

  3. This woman is beyond a media ho; the second Brett Musburger said something she ended up going on a reality show. Now that McCarron is big again with Alabama she's kissing him. Go away young lady

  4. Wow!!! Dont you think you are being awfully hard on the young lady, maybe he dumped her?

  5. She never met a camera she didn't like. If he got injured he'd never see her again. Run like the wind partner.