Thursday, September 26, 2013

Twitter partners with NFL to broadcast in-game video clips

Twitter announced Wednesday it has partnered with the National Football League in order to broadcast instant-replay clips from NFL games as part of a new advertising partnership that could boost the social media company's revenue before its highly anticipated initial public offering.

The agreement marks Twitter's biggest sports-related commitment to date for its Amplify service. Amplify was formally unveiled last May as a way for Twitter, broadcasters and advertisers to capitalize on peoples' use of social media while they watch TV — a phenomenon called "second screen" viewing — and another way for Twitter to grab some of the television advertising market.

Now you'll have instant-replays of the instant-replay right at your thumb-tips.

Under the new agreement, the NFL will package in-game highlights and other video footage — as well as a short ad from a marketer — inside tweets that are "sponsored" and distributed by the marketer during games. The NFL and Twitter will both receive a cut of the proceeds, although neither side would reveal terms of the deal.

Twitter is preparing for one of the most highly anticipated IPOs since social media platform Facebook made its debut last May. The offering is expected to value Twitter at up to $15 billion.

Like Facebook, Twitter is pinning it hopes on advertisers looking to tap its member base of 200 million regular users. It is setting its sights on TV, the most lucrative advertising market, and playing up to media companies and major brands its appeal to viewers who use the 140-character messaging platform to discuss what they are watching.

Twitter is estimated to bring in $580 million in advertising revenue this year, and close to $1 billion next year, according to advertising consultancy eMarketer.

Are you ready for some tweetball?

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