Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red Sox website helps fans distinguish players by beard and add hair to their own faces (VIDEO)

The momentum building from the Red Sox players' beards this season has reached such a fever pitch in Boston that the team's website is featuring a template where fans can distinguish the players apart with a chart showing silhouettes of each bearded player's different facial hairstyle.

Similar to one of those ubiquitous barber shop posters, this chart at comes with the individual player's different beard style and a feature that allows you to put your own photo into one of the assorted selection of looks.  Each fashion comes with nickname so one day you can look like burly Mike Napoli with "The Siesta"  or a sleeker Shane Victorino sporting a "Pineapple" the next or even "The Sick Flow" of Dustin Pedroia anytime — all without shunning a razor for six months or picking remnants of lunch off your face before bedtime every night.

The best part for Sawx fans — knowing their Yankee counterparts can only look at their own clean-shaven team and never how it would feel to look like Derek Jeter in a Van Dyke.

Below,  MLB Network broadcasters discuss all the different Red Sox players' beards and their  beard template that is featured at #GETBEARD.

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