Monday, September 16, 2013

Brawl between rival soccer hooligans breaks out on Ukrainian street (VIDEO)

A rivalry between Russian and Ukrainian soccer fans escalated into an all-out street brawl in broad daylight when a third gang of thugs joined in the fray.

Cell phone footage shows Metalist Kharkiv fans joining forces with their Spartak Moscow counterparts (without shirts) to wage war on their Dynamo Kiev foes. The shirtless hooligans corner a smaller group outside a storefront and things get crazy.

But, the best part of the video might be a stray dog's running commentary as the violent shirts and skins match-up goes down. The Action Canine newsbarker says it all — Woof!

The Ukraine has  a history of fan violence and this rivalry between between Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Kyev has always been intense and dates back to when both teams were the leading sides in the former Soviet Top League. Besides football competition the derby is also political as a part of Russian-Ukrainian relations, especially since 1991 when Ukraine became an independent state with its own football league.

The Beautiful Game.

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