Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soccer star gets pantsed but still manages shot at goal in his underwear (VIDEO)

A Danish soccer star didn't let something as embarrassing as a pantsing keep him from his appointed goals —or attempt at one.

As Aston Villa's Nicklas Helenius raced down the pitch in the Capital One Cup match-up against Tottenham Tuesday, he was chased down by Jan Vertonghen. When the Villa striker raced into the penalty area, Vertonghen took drastic action and grabbed the shorts of Helenius and yanked them down.

Helenius was slowed down by Vertoghen's desperate move but, with his uniform shorts strung around his knees, the striker kept going for the score.

By the time Helenius fired his shot over the net, he was showing off a pair of tighty-whities to the fans inside Villa Park.

Incredibly, referee Jon Moss refused to point to the penalty spot  — leaving Villa searching for a goal... and red-faced Helenius pulling up his shorts.

Villa were further embarrassed by Tottenham in more ways than one as they handed them a 4-0 blanking in front of their own fans.

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