Friday, September 20, 2013

Diamondbacks' Adam Eaton gets tagged out on a high-five (GIF)

Adam Eaton swung and missed on a dropped third strike against the Dodgers on Thursday and then the Diamondbacks leftfielder just fell down. And at that point, well, he didn't feel like getting back up again. So he pulled a Brandon Phillips and just high-fived the catcher for  the inevitable out.


  1. As a Dodger fan I was a little surprised in the manner several players chose to celebrate the division championship. However, I feel the D-back players demonstrated a lot of class in their handling of the situation, to include the high five tag out.

    1. then clearly, your not a real Dodger fan. We just achieved something Special that only 3 other teams have accomplished. And the Dbacks actually used POLICE OFFICERS to try and deter the Dodgers from the Pool. Thats being a Sore Loser