Monday, September 16, 2013

Tabloid's back page mocks Eli Manning after tough loss to brother Peyton

The back page of today's N.Y. Daily News with the headline "MOMMY" says it all about Eli Manning's third loss to big brother Peyton ... and it can't comforting to either one.

Sunday afternoon’s showdown with the dominant Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium was supposed to be one last chance for Eli to beat Big Bro in a regular season game, and maybe lead to one more match-up in the same place at this year's Super Bowl.  

But the idea of the Manning Bowl IV was a moot point for the Giants quarterback after an embarrassing 41-23 loss to the Broncos in front of mom and dad in the stands.

And a kiss and a Band-Aid won't make this loss feel any better.

Never mind that Eli got another noogie from Peyton and fell to 0-3 against Big Bro. The Giants are going to have to convince everyone that they’re a better team than their record shows, and that these two season-opening losses could have been wins.

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