Thursday, September 19, 2013

Man offers date with step-daughter on Craigslist complete with free tickets to Vols-Gators game

A compassionate dad has offered a date with his step-daughter on Craigslist after she was stood up and is even throwing in 40-yard tickets to an upcoming prime-time college football game to sweeten the deal.

This is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime package deal Gary Yates offered on the Gainesville, Florida Craigslist, when he gave readers the chance to take his step-daughter to see the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Florida Gators this Saturday.

Yates explained that 27-year-old Jessica Flanagan's date had suddenly backed out of their arrangement to go the Vols' Sept. 21 away clash with the Gators in Gainesville and he decided to play Cupid —with the enticement of the free seats.

But the ad lays down some strict ground rules:

My step-daughter's date has backed out (his loss your gain) for the game...

1 Free ticket for the Tennessee-Florida Football game this Saturday (cost to me, $150) on the 40 for the right gentleman. You must be an attractive, professional, single well educated gentleman, with a good sense of humor, 25-33. You also must not be threatened by an attractive, professional, single well educated lady, (as she is). If you do not qualify, please pass this ad to a friend.

The fine print: I lied! (Sorry...not totally free). Your cost will be a modest dinner, drinks and delightful conversation with her before or after the game.

P.S. (Being a Tennessee Vols fan is not required but is highly desirable)

Only those that respond with pictures and resume will be considered! Be creative!

The lifelong Volunteers fan said his inbox had been inundated with offers since the ad — now removed  — was posted on Monday night.

"I've had a couple of lighthearted responses, one of them was hilarious, but yeah, it's been mostly serious responses — I would guess, I don't know, 30 or 40," he said.

And Yates added that he had run the idea by the fair-haired Flanagan before posting the advertisement and she would have the final say over who would be her date.

"I wouldn't do something like that without her permission," said Yates.

There ad doesn't specify if Yates will be tagging along as well. After all, this is Tennessee football — and a $150 ticket —  we're talking about.

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