Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Florida city to be renamed 'Revis Island' for one day

Who hasn't wanted to own their own private island  — or at least have one named after themselves? Darrelle Revis has made "Revis Island" his boastful nickname during his NFL playing career but now the cornerback will have one that actually exists.

The mayor of Treasure Island, Fla., Bob Minning, has issued a special proclamation that will rename his city Revis Island for one day to honor the Tampa Bay defensive stud.
Here are the details from the Buccaneers official website:

According to the mayoral proclamation, on Thursday, September 12, Treasure Island, Florida will hereby become "Revis Island, Florida" for one day — and Revis Island is described in the proclamation as "an island filled with interceptions, touchdown returns and batted passes."

"I'm honored and humbled to receive this special honor from the City of Treasure Island," said Revis. "Ever since I became a Buccaneer, the support I've received from the Tampa Bay community has been tremendous. I'll do my best to live up to this honor on Sunday afternoon in our home opener against the New Orleans Saints."

When asked to describe the differences between Treasure Island and Revis Island, Mayor Minning paused briefly before replying: "In Treasure Island, we have the most beautiful beaches in all of Tampa Bay, and we always remind beachgoers to wear the appropriate sun screen. But I guess at Revis Island, you don't need any sun screen -- because at Revis Island, you're ALWAYS covered!"

Ha! Good one.

If you're thinking about visiting Revis Island that particular day, you should know the 5.3 sun-drenched city is west of of Tampa on the Gulf. The sea turtle "lights out" ban is still in effect but you might get a glimpse of the egg-laying reptiles on their nightly trek.

Shorts and flip-flops a must. Helmets optional.

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