Sunday, September 1, 2013

Amorous fans caught having sex on pitch after Danish soccer match (PHOTO)

In the game of soccer, players get red cards for flagrant fouls on the pitch. Now, a pair of Danish fans have been given a red light for what could be called their own in flagrante delicto on the same field of play.

Looking to see a score somewhere, after an unexciting 0-0 draw between two bottom-dwelling Danish teams, the amorous couple created their own more titillating match-up on the pitch.

According to AFP, the naked pair were pictured having sex in the middle of Brondby's Copenhagen stadium under floodlights on the mid-field circle by the security staff and a photo was posted on Twitter.

It is not known who posted the picture on the social media site and the unidentified couple were told to put their clothes back on and leave the stadium.

The photograph of the unidentified fans has since been removed. Brondby IF spokesman Mikkel Davidsen told AFP, "I do not know who posted the pic" after their match against Randers FC.

"Great match, but disappointed over the 0-0 and many missed chances. But the couple ... in the centre circle helps the mood," Davidsen wrote on Twitter.

"We have several eye witnesses," he added.

Brondby and Randers are both currently near or at the bottom of the Danish Superliga championship tournament.

One of the beautiful game's most honored traditions is a pitch invasion — when fans swarm the turf after the match is over to celebrate a win.  I kind of like the way the Danes celebrate a tie.

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