Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lawrence Taylor: It's time for Tom Coughlin to go: Report

Mixed in between all of the troubles in Lawrence Taylor's post-New York Giants career, two things have remained constant and for certain — the Hall of Famer's affection for golf and his loyalty to the G-Men.

At the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic on Saturday, LT had a chance to address both the little dimpled ball and the rouge-faced head coach of the Giants — Tom Coughlin. And he took a hefty swing at each one.

Taylor has all the respect in the world for what Coughlin has accomplished in 10 years with Big Blue, but the legendary linebacker said it’s time to sack the two-time Super Bowl winning coach.

"Tom Coughlin has done wonders for the Giants. Personally, I don’t know if I could play for him, but the guy is a winner, he is a fighter. But I think it is time for him to take his talents on the road," Taylor told the N.Y. Post while at the Dominican Republic golf outing. "He’s done all he can do for the Giants. If he wants to coach, I think he needs to take his philosophies to another team."

LT was quick to point out that his opinion is not a personal attack on Coughlin —who led the  Giants to Super Bowl titles in 2007 and 2011— but an observation  that the 5-and-8 team will miss the playoffs again for the fourth time in five seasons and the longtime coach's time has come.

"After a while, the players just stop listening," said Taylor. "I respect the man, but it’s time. As much as I like Coughlin and the job he has done, it’s time for a shakeup."

The 54-year-old Taylor is only speaking as a former player who still hits hard, and he doesn’t care what people think about his comments.

"Listen," he said as he sat and smoked a cigar. "Everything is good in my life now. There are a lot of people who care about me and are concerned about me, and the people who don’t like me, I’m not in the mood and I’m not going to try to change your opinion. I’m fine with that. My life is good."

Taylor and Coughlin may differ on certain aspects of their lives — but they both bleed Giants blue.

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