Monday, May 13, 2013

'Unapologetic' Joba and 'forgiving' Mo bury the hatchet via NY Yankees' tweet and photo

A still defiant Joba Chamberlain said Sunday morning he felt “no need to apologize” to Mariano Rivera following their tense exchange in the dugout on Saturday.

Chamberlain expressed little regret for the situation, saying that even in hindsight, he would have done the same thing to the Yankees closer.

“I wouldn’t change it,” Chamberlain said. “I wouldn’t change anything I do in life. It happens, it happens. You fess up to it, you talk about it, you laugh and move on. That’s all you can do. It’s not really a story to begin with.”

Rivera and Chamberlain spoke after Saturday night’s game, then chatted again Sunday morning about the incident in which Chamberlain snapped at the Hall of Famer in full view of reporters and fans.

On Sunday, the New York Yankees confirmed that the two teammates buried the hatchet via Twitter:

"Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug."

Rivera claimed on Sunday that his admonishing teammate had indeed apologized to him.

“I’m the oldest here. I have to be the brother that has to keep the cool,” Rivera said. “It’s good. We’re all good. It’s nothing. We’ll move on.”

Things looked like they were back to normal Sunday afternoon — after Rivera shushed the Royals' bats and got his 15th save of the season while Chamberlain silently sulked in the bullpen — as the Yankees beat the Royals, 4-2.

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