Monday, November 23, 2015

Antonio Cromartie's wife gets in nasty Twitter war with Jets fans

While her husband Antonio Cromartie was battling on the field against the Texans Sunday, the Jets cornerback's wife, Terricka, was having her own little war with Jets fans on her Twitter account.

Most of the tweets started early in the second half and got increasingly more vile. Many of them were insults about the number of children her husband has and the number of women he has had them with.

“I’ll Knock ur husbands teeth out one shot, u him and the 9 filth kids can meet me anytime,” one person tweeted at her.

The cornerback's wife kept firing back:

 The back-and-forth went on until her responses to the trolls turned downright venomous.

“Yo mama a Thot (sic) she should of aborted your ugly ass,” she wrote back at one person.

She later deleted several of her tweets during the game.

But when one fan asks her about the Patriots’ fan base, she responded, “at this point compared to the s–t we get [Patriots fans are] Amazing and Loyal.”

“To Sum it all up the Jets Fan Base ain’t s–t Period,” she wrote.

Cromartie didn’t fare well in the Jets’ 24-17 loss, and refused to speak to the media after the game.

But he had plenty to say to the Jets fans.

“At the end of the day my wife nor my kids r on the field so shld never b disrespected by our own fan base like this,” Cromartie tweeted after the game, along with a screenshot of some of the vulgar tweets directed at his wife.

Social media at its worst.

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