Sunday, November 1, 2015

Conor McGregor spars with giant 'Game of Thrones' actor Conan Stevens before Jose Aldo bout (VIDEO)

No, Conor McGregor isn't planning too move up a few weight classes after his UFC featherweight title bout against Jose Aldo in December, but, if this video is any indication, we might see the Irish fighter donning some fur and wielding a sword on Game of Thrones.

McGregor enjoyed a light sparring session with former professional wrestler Conan Stevens who plays 'The Mountain' Gregor Clegane in the acclaimed HBO television drama.

Standing at seven feet tall and weighing almost 300 pounds, McGregor was better suited to do battle against Tyrion — in a fair fight that is.

Inside the Dublin gym where McGregor is training, the big Australian attempts to get the fleet-footed Irishman in a headlock several times while the UFC fighter lands some body shots.

Eventually Stevens kneels down and allows the 27-year-old a few light, uncontested blows before the round comes to an end after three minutes.

McGregor was due face Aldo in July, but the Brazilian pulled out after suffering a rib injury while sparring. And McGregor, he was lucky to come out with ribcage intact after this playful session with Stevens.

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