Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New York mayor's heartfelt tweets about Mets were actually written by staffer

It turns out that all those sincere, heartfelt tweets from New York City Bill Mayor de Blasio’s Twitter account in the midst of the team's failed World Series run weren’t coming from his heart at all.

De Blasio, who with his wife Chirlane McCray dressed as Mets "fans" for Halloween, appeared at a news conference Monday, and summed up the Game 5 loss by saying “Eight good innings. And some tough luck thereafter.”

And before that, the mayor's Twitter account made de Blasio sound like a sensitive Metsie.

The only thing was these gooey tidbits from de Blasio were actually coming from a member of his staff.

Even the most teary-eyed Mets fans could see behind Twiitter slop like: “Something happens when you’re a Sox fan living here for a few decades. You slowly fall in love with the Mets.” as the avatar mayor tweeted just before the first pitch of Game 5.

Wicked bad.

New York. You elected a Red Sox fan. You got a Red Sox fan.

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