Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ronda Rousey hides face from cameras walking through LAX airport (VIDEO)

In the days following Ronda Rousey's monumental loss to Holly Holm, everyone from fans, fellow fighters and celebrities have come out to express how happy they were after the undefeated  and seemingly over-hyped UFC queen was dethroned.

Rousey has been in hiding since going to the hospital right after the fight, but her first public appearance since the second-round knockout didn't do anything to enhance her reputation as the toughest fighter on the planet.

Surrounded by bodyguards, Rousey and her boyfriend Travis Brown made their way through LAX airport after a flight back from Australia.

TMZ posted a video of Rousey covering up her face while dodging photographers at the terminal — presumably to prevent anyone from seeing the damage she incurred in the beatdown from Holm. 

And it might be worse than her fans care to see.

After watching her Elephant Man imitation through LAX to her limo, one part of me thinks Rousey should own up to the loss and show her battle scars proudly. But another part of me thinks she might be more of a delicate flower than anyone thought beforehand.

Rousey vowed on Monday that she would be back.

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