Friday, November 27, 2015

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury gives new politically correct name to old trick play (VIDEO)

With a three-point lead and the clock winding down in the fourth quarter of Thursday's game, Texas Tech looked as if it was about to take a knee against Texas for their first win in Austin since 1997.

But they didn't.

Showing how much the Red Raiders wanted this victory, they executed a trick play by deceiving the Longhorns with a misdirection call insensitively known as Hide the Midget.

Watch below as 5'7, 168-pound Jakeem Grant takes off for the end zone after lining up inconspicuously behind the O-line. The undersized wide receiver ran it in for a 40-yard touchdown, helping to extend the Red Raiders' lead to 48-38.

Afterwards, Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury offered up a new politically correct name for the play by calling it “Little People, Big World.” 

And if you thought Kingsbury's LPBW call ran up the score or was a d-bag move in the first place, know that Texas scored on the ensuing drive to cut the lead to 48-45.

PC police happy all around.

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