Sunday, November 1, 2015

Miami's amazing walk-off kickoff return TD against Duke should not have counted (VIDEO)

There has been The Auburn Finish, this season's Michigan Fumble and, of course, The Stanford Band Return, but what happened at the end of the Miami-Duke game late Saturday might top them all.

Or maybe not?

The Hurricanes, six days after seeing their coach fired, ended the game with one of the most remarkable kick returns in college football history with a touchdown by Corn Elder, whose two pass interference penalties had set up No. 18 Duke's go-ahead touchdown just seconds earlier.

Elder's touchdown, after time ran out and the assist of eight lateral tosses. gave Miami a 30-27 win on the game's final play.

But before Miami was declared a winner, the game officials had to sort out a flag that was thrown on the Duke 25-yard line during the return.

It looked like the 'Canes player's knee was on the ground when he flipped the ball backwards to a Miami teammate.

FOX Sports Rules Analyst Mike Pereira seemed to agree:

And, after studying the tape in replay a few times, Pereira thinks that No. 22 on Miami also delivered a clear block in the back at the Miami 15 to help set the play in action.

Another discrepancy.

And don't even mention the Miami player on the field without a helmet to the Duke faithful:

But, even after a nine-minute review by the ACC officials, the Hurricanes were declared victorious.

The good news for Blue Devils fans? No band members were trampled during the filming of this play.

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