Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Protesters rappel off top deck at Colts-Panthers game with protest banner (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

Monday night's rain-soaked Panthers overtime victory over the Colts had more than its share of twists and turns, but the most crazy moment occurred when a pair of protesters rappelled off the top deck of Bank of America Stadium and unfurled a banner while hanging in mid-air longer than one of Andrew Luck's three interceptions.

During the surreal moment, the two protesters dangled over fans in the lower tier and in front of press-box windows late in the third quarter, then displayed a banner telling the Charlotte-based Bank of America to "dump Dominion" — a reference to Dominion North Carolina Power and a website WeAreCovePoint.org. (The site has since crashed.)

BofA currently owns the naming rights of the stadium.

The game continued as police and stadium moved the crowd from underneath the dangling anarchists, communicating with them to no avail.

They eventually came down and were arrested.

Monday Night Football's broadcast did a quick cutaway to the two rappellers before returning to the game, but the press box did a bird's-eye view of the idiotic duo.

Fans immediately took to the Internet wondering how in the world did the pair manage to get all of the sophisticated rappelling gear inside the stadium considering that bags that have to be checked prior to entry including: "purses, bags or clutches no larger than 4.5" x 6.5."

The Bank of America Stadium has detailed list of allowed and prohibited items on its website

Panthers spokesman Steve Drummond says the team and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are investigating the incident. 

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