Thursday, November 26, 2015

France bans all visiting team fans from soccer matches in wake of Paris attacks (VIDEO)

French authorities have extended an extra measure of security by banning fans of visiting teams from attending soccer matches in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The French football league said all professional matches this weekend all across the country will be played without visiting fans in accordance with a decision by Interior Ministry.

Officials said the measure will be implemented during Champions League, Europa League, French league and French Cup matches until mid-December "because of a lack of availability of security forces under the emergency state" as well as due to a major climate change meeting in Paris from November 30th to December 11th. 

But the lack of support didn't seem to bother the visiting Belgium's Gent team as the players still celebrated in front of the empty stands where their fans would have been seated Tuesday night.

Security checks including metal detectors, bag searches and body pat-downs have been reinforced at stadiums after ISIS affiliated terrorists targeted France's national stadium as well as bars, restaurants and a concert hall in Paris, killing 130 people and wounding hundreds two weeks ago.

Less people in the stands will make that task a little easier for now.

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