Monday, November 9, 2015

Giants fan arrested for trying to set Buccaneers flag on fire

Giants fans celebrated the team's win over the Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium peacefully Sunday until one Big Blue supporter decided to commemorate the victory in a blatantly illegal way.

Daniel Justin Raboni was arrested Sunday night after trying to set fire to a massive, 80-by-50 foot Bucs flag at the team headquarters near the stadium, said police. The flag costs $26,000 and hangs from 15-foot pole at One Buccaneer Place, the Tampa Tribune reports.

Photo by Tony Mangia
Lighting up the flag like a giant Tampa cigar ended up being a problem because it was made of fire-retardant material, said authorities. So the 32-year-old firebug was only able to melt a small portion of the flag.

Raboni, of North Palm Beach, Florida, now faces charges of criminal mischief and possession of marijuana. He's being held at Hillsborough County Jail on $2,500 bond.

And nice mugshot.