Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hays reunite for 'Airplane!' spoof (VIDEO)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hays are back in the pilot's seat for a hilarious series of Wisconsin tourism commercials.

The "Airplane!" duo have reprised their characters from the hit 1980 movie for the three television spots spoofing the iconic movie — the godfather of all film parodies.

Each promo begins with Hays' character Ted Striker — sitting alongside former NBA legend and Milwaukee Bucks star Abdul-Jabbar's alter-ego Roger Murdock — being told off for flying the aircraft too low.

Hays takes on board the message, before revealing the specific seasonal reason why he's doing so.

"I know, but Wisconsin is so beautiful in the summer. So much to do. Boating, fishing, biking, I wish I was down there," he says in the summer version.

Even the inflatable pilot doll, Otto, pops up for a cameo.

Abdul-Jabbar made his surprising comedic acting debut in the popular disaster film alongside the late Peter Graves before appearing in such basketball flicks like Forget Paris and Slam Dunk Ernest.

The three TV spots —  promoting the state in summer, fall and winter —  were presented Monday at the Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism in Lake Geneva, according to the Journal-Sentinel.

But Shirley you knew this.

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