Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NJ high schooler scores amazing flip throw-in soccer goal (VIDEO)

A New Jersey teenager is getting a lot of attention both at school and online after a video of him doing a flip and scoring a soccer goal went viral.

A video of Randy Gordon scoring the goal for the Hackensack High School Comets by tossing the ball into the playing field using a front handspring has been wowing people on YouTube.

The video shows the ball going sky-high before being tipped into the net by an opposing Ramapo High goalie.

"When it went in, I went crazy," Gordon said. "It's like a once-in-a-lifetime thing."

Gordon, a junior, scored the goal in his first-ever game on the school's varsity soccer game. Normally, players can't score a goal off a throw-in but because the Ramapo goalie tipped the ball, the toss put Hackensack in the lead briefly.

The 16-year-old Gordon said he spent all summer practicing the stunt.

Now, coach David Wells said, the team relies on him for throw-in plays.

"He can pretty much pinpoint where he wants to put the ball so this helps us out a ton," Wells said.

Ramapo went on to win, 2-1, but Gordon's goal is what everyone will remember. 

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