Friday, September 6, 2013

Mike Pereira explains the Ravens pre-game pat down before Broncos matchup

Cameras caught referees checking random Ravens and their uniforms as they left the locker room (Video on Deadspin) before Thursday's opening game against the Broncos at Mile High. For anyone wondering what that whole TSA-style security procedure was about, it's standard practice by the NFL.

The whole pat down procedure was explained via Twitter by Mike Pereira. The Rules Analyst for FOX Sports said officials check both teams — to make sure players haven't added illegal substances like silicone or grease to their uniforms — but the Ravens were the ones caught by TV cameras.

The penalty for lubing up — confiscation of the slippery jersey.

The next time they play against Peyton Manning, the Ravens defense won't have to be patted down for any sort of pass protection.

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