Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gangs of Swedish and Danish soccer hooligans engage in bizarre street fight (VIDEO)

A couple gangs of Danish and Swedish soccer hooligans met up for what looks like a prearranged streetfight on a leafy country road while an awaiting cameraman filmed the gentlemanly brawl. The less gritty version of The Warriors is odd enough but what resulted was a lesson in fair play in da hood.

Fans of Swedish second-division club GAIS (wearing dark blue) started at one one of the lane while the combined forces of FC Copenhagen and Swedish first-division side Helsingborg IF supporters (wearing red) were at opposite ends off the brawl. The two mobs marched toward each other with their wrapped fists and roundhouse kicks as their only weapons.

The surreal rumble was over in about a minute after the lads in red seemed to have the advantage and pushed the Swedes back up the road leaving a few battered bodies strewn in their wake.

There was an overwhelming sense of order to the whole scene. After a man was pummeled like a human heavy bag, his attackers back off without totally destroying the guy. 

When it was decided that the blues had enough, the fight ended and according to Danish paper Ekstra Bladet, the two sides thanked each other for a good fight.

Warriors ... come out to play-yay ...

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