Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jets Nick Mangold tweets about Newark's 'stank'

New York Jets center Nick Mangold may have many of his fans holding their noses at him for tweeting about the aroma surrounding the Garden State's largest city on Wednesday.

"Best part of driving back to NJ rather than flying even if it's a 9 hour trip instead of 1.5 hours?  Not having 2 go thru the stank of Newark," Mangold said on his Twitter account last night.

The Ohio-bred Mangold— who now reportedly lives in Chatham, N.J.— spent the following hour tweeting back and forth with fans about the stench around Newark— but the well-known prankster let fans know he was only joking.

"it's not jersey that smells.  It's Newark.  I quite enjoy NJ," he tweeted back to a fan who took offense at Mangold's cliched remark.

The Pro Bowl center even got Newark's Mayor Corey Booker into the mix, tweeting to a follower," I think @coreybooker would have to agree.  Otherwise he should get his sense of smell checked."

If anyone should know about "stank," it's Mangold.  He was part of the Jets putrid playoff run last season.

Sure it's easy to pick on the stench of Jersey between exits 13 and 16W (the Meadowlands) on the N.J. Turnpike.  The country's busiest thoroughfare leading to Newark Liberty International Airport and the tunnels entering New York City are lined with refineries and factories.  Throw in the swamplands and it's a recipe for 'stank' bouillabaisse.

But it's not always so bad.  A couple of years ago, a maple syrupy-y smell from a New Jersey food plant wafted through lower Manhattan for weeks— baffling New Yorkers who suddenly craved pancakes.

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