Friday, March 9, 2012

Giants cut Brandon Jacobs after seven seasons

The New York Giants released running back Brandon Jacobs today after he and the team could not come to an agreement on a restructured contract which would include a pay reduction.

The 260-pound bruiser wanted to return to the Giants, but knew he was never going to get the $4.4 million he was schedule to earn in 2012.

For seven years the 29-year-old Jacobs plowed through defenses for the Giants and had two Super Bowl rings to show for it.

Only last week, Jacobs said he wanted to stay but warned, "I'm not willing to sell my soul, you know?  It's a great organization and I want to be a part of it , but if not, if they're not feeling the same way, then so be it."

Apparently, the Giants didn't feel the same way.

Still, Jacobs had no hard feelings.

"I might be leaving, but my name will stay," he said.  "But it's time to move on.  We tried, couldn't reach an agreement.  It's been great though, I can't say anything bad about anybody in the organization."

Jacobs had a $500,000 roster bonus to be paid on March 17, a sum that will not see his bank account any more.

The team wanted Jacobs for another season but at a lower price. He had one of his least productive seasons in 2011 (571 yards, 3.8 yds per carry) and went from starter to reserve behind Ahmad Bradshaw.

Last year, Jacobs took a pay cut to retain a spot on the team.

"I feel like I'm 25 years old," he said last week.

Jacobs, a fourth-round pick in 2005, leaves the Giants as the fourth leading rusher in team history with 4,849 yards.  His 56 rushing touchdowns are the most for any Giant.

Jacobs was considered a fullback when he first backed up Tiki  Barber before becoming the starting running back.  The sight of the punishing Giant knocking down opposing players was the source of Giants fan's pride for seven seasons.

His best seasons were in 2007 and 2008 when he had the only two 1,000 yard seasons of his career.

The release of Jacobs leaves the team with Bradshaw, D.J. Ware and Da'Rel Scott as the only running backs on the roster.

Bradshaw is not known as an every down back and hasn't ever played a full season without injuries.

It looks like the Giants will have to add a veteran back through free-agency or draft one out of college.

Still, the sight of Jacobs rallying his Giants teammates and riling opponents will be missed.

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