Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jeremy Lin: High school video 'awesome' but he can't attend graduation

New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin responded to a New York City high school's video request to be the commencement speaker by saying he can't make it to the graduation— but may still come and visit his fans another time.

Lin tweeted his thanks Thursday to the prestigious Stuyvesant High School's students for their video pleading with him to make an appearance and speak at their graduation.

"Stuyvesant High! Awesome video... so honored to have been invited," Lin said on Twitter.

While the Knicks point guard said he cannot be there to see the students get their diplomas, he said he might visit the lower Manhattan school one day and made a vow to make his own video in response to their YouTube sensation.

"I can't make it BUT im making a response video and will visit if possible!" he said on Twitter.

On the seven minute video, students begged their "Linspiration" to come to the commencement with requests from a rapping duo, school athletes, teachers and even in Mandarin.

A spokesman for Lin didn't specify why the player couldn't be at the graduation ceremony but expects a visit by the NBA's first American-born player of Chinese descent would still be a big hit anyway.

Lin is a role model for the kids at Stuyvesant— where 73% of the student body are Asian-American— and the Harvard grad was their overwhelming top choice to appear.

Senior class president Eric Han, who created the video, said the Linsanity star is a role model for the high-achieving students and appreciates Lin taking time out of his busy schedule to tweet back.

"I'd be extremely happy if he could make it to Stuyvesant to visit us— the entire school would really appreciate it," said the hopeful Han.

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