Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ahmad Bradshaw beats Ron Gronkowski, again

Ron Gronkowski went head-to-head with Super Bowl XLVI counterpart Ahmad Bradshaw in a grudge match in Activision's Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 and lost once again.

Instead of the football field, the New England Patriots tight end took on the New York Giants running back on the video game's battlefield, but the results came up the same— 3-2 victory for Big Blue.

No word if Kronk hit the clubs and went dancing afterwards.

Bradshaw said he thought Gronkowski was still a little bitter after last month's loss to the Giants.

"Well sure, he wants the rematch," Bradshaw joked.  "He wants to get back at me as much as he can for scoring the game-winning touchdown, but I think I can back myself up.  I can play alright, I can do pretty good."

This wasn't any casual match-up either.  Both of these guys are are gamers.  Bradshaw even confessed that he constantly plays the popular first-person shooter and got some of his fellow Giants hooked on the game as well.

"I'm playing 24/7, man," he said.  "A lot of the guys play the game like [former-Giant] Brandon Jacobs, D.J. Ware, all kinds of guys.  I put everybody on the game so everybody gets on and plays together at times."

Bradshaw told the New York Post that the thrill of competition is what draws him to the Call of Duty joystick, as well as, the gridiron.

"I love the competitiveness of every game and in Call of Duty it's just like that," said Bradshaw.  "You have millions of guys on the Internet at the same time and you just want to get on and compete against everybody.  When I get on I want to be the best, I want to have the most kills.  You want to know the environments the same way you just want to get on the field."

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