Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tom Coughlin: Jets have headlines but Giants have trophies

Tom Coughlin usually isn't the one stirring up controversy at MetLife Stadium— he leaves that duty to his counterpart Rex Ryan— but the New York Giants head coach seemed to be taking a jab at his stadium mates the New York Jets when he was asked about all of the attention the Jets were getting for the Tim Tebow trade.

"You know who won the Super Bowl even if we're not on the front page," Coughlin told reporters at the NFL's annual meeting in Palm Beach, Fla..  "New Yorkers know."

That's about as much smack you'll ever hear from the coach who reiterated one of the Giants team mottoes, "talk is cheap."

Asked about the controversy about rotating quarterbacks,  Coughlin did rub it in a little more.

"Once you start to develop your guy," smiled Coughlin— knowing he has two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning calling the signals— "You like him to have the ball in his hands."

Reporters asked Coughlin if he could see the ball coming out of Manning's hands for 20 snaps a game, Coughlin scoffed, "With our guy. I don't do hypotheticals."

Coughlin's comments come after the razzing of Tebow-mania by the Giants owner John Mara the day before Tebow's presser when he jokingly told reporters, "the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow afternoon, too."

Mara wasn't joking yesterday when he said the team expects to work out a multi-year contract extension for the 65-year-old Coughlin within the next six weeks.

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