Friday, March 30, 2012

Giants Super Bowl rings called "tacky" and ladylike

A couple of Manhattan jewelers— who took a look at the design for the New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI ring— gave it a thumbs down and called the championship bling by Tiffany "tacky" and ladylike.

Photos of the the white gold and platinum band— encrusted with four Lombardi Trophies (for each Super Bowl victory) with a diamond in each football— were tweeted out by Giants linebacker Clint Sintum and running back Andre Brown Thursday for a sneak peek.

The Diamond District jewelers peeked, and weren't bedazzled.

"If this is Tiffany's work, they could have done a lot better," said Marc Hernandez, a jeweler for 15 years.  "We're talking the Super Bowl— this looks like a high school ring."

Eric Aranbayez, another experienced jeweler, called the design too effeminate for a Super Bowl ring.

"I could have done better," he said.  "I don't know if the Giants are going to like this.  It's flowery — for a lady."

Both players quickly took down the photos of the ring— with its bejeweled Giants logo and valued at between $25,000 to $30,000— down because it wasn't supposed to be unveiled until a private ceremony at Tiffany's on May 16.

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck called an audible to play downplay the photos, insisting the design had not been finalized.

"We haven't decided on the final ring yet," he said.  "Still working on it."

Think anybody will be stupid enough to tell one of the Giants players he's wearing a girl's ring?

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