Friday, March 23, 2012

Jets fan first to be buried in Tim Tebow Jets jersey

A lifelong New York Jets fan made a deathbed prediction last week that his favorite team would get Tim Tebow and then, sadly, passed away.

In a cruel twist of fate, Russell Francis, spoke those words to his wife before news broke that Tebow was headed to New York in a trade with the Denver Broncos.  A swap that nobody saw coming, according to The New York Daily News.

His family will now send the Jets fan into eternity on Friday sporting a brand-new, green-and-white No. 15  New York Jets jersey as Tebow-mania hits its most unlikely venue yet: a funeral home.

The ink isn't even dry on the new Tebow jerseys and they're making their way into heaven already.

Widow Wendy Tatum told the Daily News she recalled one of her last conversations with her husband Francis, 44, as he battled lung cancer.

"He kept saying, 'They're going to get Tebow.  They're going to get Tebow,'" she said after shopping for the jersey for the shirt on Thursday.  "This was a whole week before the trade."

It sounds like Francis wasn't much of a Mark Sanchez fan.

Francis may be headed to that great stadium in the sky, but other visionary words he left behind might excite fans of Gang Green.

"He said they're going to the Super Bowl this year," his wife said.

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