Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amani Toomer calls Jeremy Shockey a 'Bad teammate, worse person'

Jeremy Shockey— the former New York Giants tight end who was chased out of town four years ago— is looking for  a job and has come sniffing around the Meadowlands once again.

Amani Toomer—the Giants all-time leading reciever— thinks the hot-tempered Shockey already burned his bridges and it would be a big mistake for the Giants to sign him.

Today, Toomer didn't mince characters when he tweeted about his former teammate's aspirations.

"Bad teammate," former Giants wide out Toomer said via Twitter.  "Worse person."

Toomer's harsh tweet fueled a Twitter war between him and the 32-year-old Shockey.

Shockey, who was never one to keep quiet, immediately shot back a response and accused the retired Toomer of causing the injury which sidelined him during the 2007 season and dredging up allegations made about Toomer during his 2007 divorce.

"Amani Toomer on Jeremy Shockey: Bad teammate, Haha," tweeted Shockey.  "Well he was the lazy one who broke my leg!!  ... remember when his ex divorced him and he urinated on her cloths I guess he's the good person"

Shockey didn't stop there with his Twitter assault.  "Go get a bucket of rocks and start throwing them at your glass house."

Toomer didn't like being on the receiving end of that exchange and tweeted back.  "Shockey thanks 4 proving my statement about u being a bad person, enough said.  Have a nice day buddy."

Now boys.

Toomer and Shockey played together on the Giants from 2002-07 and Toomer— one of Giants fans favorite players— was only saying what a lot of former Giants said about Shockey's antics when he was with the team.

The former first-round pick of the Giants was traded to the New Orleans Saints in 2008 after he complained about his role on the team.  He was also bitter about missing the Giants 2007 run to their Super Bowl XLII Championship because of the broken leg he mentioned in his tweet to Toomer.  Then griped when the team wouldn't fly him to the game because he was on the injured reserve list.

Shockey was blamed for stunting quarterback Eli Manning's growth and confidence because of his constant fits when one of Manning's passes sailed over his head.

Manning's career took off after Shockey was injured and unable to bully his own quarterback on the field.  Manning has two Super Bowl MVP's and the Giants have gone on to win two titles since Shockey went down and out of town.

Right before Shockey got traded, he staged a mini-camp hold-out and got into a loud argument with GM Jerry Reese that could be heard from behind closed doors.

Toomer reminded Shockey of that "meeting" in his tweet.

"' I will never play4 you again!' he yelled at Jerry Reese in 08,' Toomer tweeted.  "Let him keep his word."

Chances are slim that the Giants would ever want the troublesome Shockey back again.

And Shockey— who told The New York Daily News two days ago he wanted to return— is denying he ever wanted to return to the Giants in the first place.

"It's funny how the Ny media still try's to make money off me!"  Shockey tweeted.  "Can anyone find a quote from me on me wanting to play for the GAINTS? (sic)"

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