Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Victor Cruz Teaches NYC Kids How To Salsa

New York Giants wide-out Victor Cruz showed some his post-touchdown salsa moves that he hopes to bust out at the Super bowl to a group of fans inside a Times Square sporting goods store.

Yesterday, the game-breaking Cruz showed dozens of children how to gyrate their hips just like he does after scoring a touchdown.

Cruz— and his famous touchdown dance called the "Silk City" salsa— has his own T-shirt with simple dance instructions printed on the back.

A representative of the sporting store chain said the new Victor Cruz T-shirt has become wildly popular is the fastest selling shirt ever.


The record-breaking receiver from Paterson, N.J. said he "never took salsa lessons or a class" and credits the Puerto Rican side of his family for showing him how to shake it.

"My grandmother showed me the step," said Cruz, "and I pay her homage every time I get in the end zone."

The speedy 25-year old debuted his dance on Sept. 25 after catching a 74-yard touchdown from Eli Manning in a 29-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cruz went on to catch eight more TD's, set a Giants single-season record of 1,536 yards receiving and become a huge fan favorite.

Everytime he catches a ball, cheers of "Cruuuuz!" ring out inside MetLife Stadium and— sometimes— even on the road.

"It started as a joke," he said,  "I wanted to do something for me and the team."

Stricter rules against over-celebrating in high school and college kept Cruz's moves limited to his living room before he could actually cut a rug in the pros.

"I knew I could not do it in high school," he said.  "[So] I started doing it in the NFL."

Cruz recently turned down a chance to appear on TV's "Dancing with the Stars" but left open the possibility of appearing down the road.

"My first career is doing pretty well," he joked.

For now Cruz is concentrating on the Feb. 5 game against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

"As a kid, you dream about it.  Watching Super Bowls and game-winning kicks," Cruz said.  "Just to be a part of it this year has been amazing."

If the Giants win the Lombardi Trophy, expect to see a lot of shaking hips under a ticker-tape shower.

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