Friday, January 20, 2012

Cougar Vetoed As School Mascot For Being Offensive Towards Women

A Utah school board has prevented a high school from calling itself the "Cougars" because members claim the word is associated with horny, sexually-aggressive middle-aged women who favor young men more than the big mountain lion.

Students throughout the Canyons school district voted for the "Cougars" as the new mascot for Corner Canyon High School— due to open in fall 2013— but were overruled by the Board of Education who deemed the name derogatory to women.

The victorious Cougars name— which was selected over other options like the Diamondbacks, Falcons and Raptors— has been scrapped and the horny, sexually-aggressive teenagers at the school will now be the "Chargers"—  war horses.  A name that wasn't even on the list.

The Board's (six men and one woman) decision to overturn the students' choice came after parents e-mailed the principal worried that their daughters involved in sports and cheerleading squads would be offended by the term, reported Fox News.

Opponents of the name also said the name was too similar other schools and the blue/while/silver color scheme was already used by neighboring Brigham Young University.

Surrounding schools which already have a cougar as a mascot said no one has ever complained or connected it with anything but the animal.

"To me, a mascot is usually an animal," Bill Cosper— a local school athletic director who's mascot is a cougar — told the Salt Lake Tribune.  "In all my years here, or in all of sports, that's never been brought up.  Maybe somebody just watched a show or something about it on TV.  That's pretty wild though."

The Board claims the final decision on the mascot's name was theirs all along and the student vote was just for input.

The Canyons area of Utah is filled with the free-roaming carnivores.  It's a good bet they're more prominent than wannabe Demi Moore and Madonna chardonnay sippers.

Who knows, maybe the "Chargers" is offensive to shopaholics with credit cards.

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