Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pittsburgh Mayor 'Tebows' After Losing Bet

It's probably safe to say that not many people in Pittsburgh thought there was a chance in hell that their Mayor Luke Ravenstahl would ever lose a playful wager with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock over last Sunday's playoff game— but there he was, getting down on one knee and striking the contemplative Tebowing pose on Tuesday after losing the bet.

The "Mile High Messiah" strikes again.

Ravenstahl was so confident that his Denver counterpart would end up losing the bet and donning a Steelers jersey while waving a Terrible Towel that he boasted about it in a phone call to Hancock.


"Fortunately for me, I have won more of these than I have lost," Ravenstahl boasted.  "If somehow Denver pulls off a miracle and wins Sunday, I will wear a Denver Broncos jersey and 'Tebow,' I think they call it, in front of a historic landmark here in Pittsburgh."

Ravenstahl— like just about everyone outside Denver— couldn't have foreseen the 29-23 overtime upset by the Broncos on the horizon.

Even insiders inside the Denver mayor's office said they were preparing to purchase a Pittsburgh jersey and Terrible Towel on Monday morning.

Fortunately for Hancock, another Tim Tebow miracle did occur.

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh mayor sheepishly put on the Broncos quarterback's No. 15 jersey and knelt in Roberto Clemente Memorial Park in the pose made famous and often imitated by the Denver Broncos player.

In the meantime, Hancock is figuring out what his wager will be with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino for Saturday's playoff game against the New England Patriots.

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