Saturday, January 21, 2012

Empire State Building Lit Up in 49ers Red and Gold Colors

New York Giants fans are blue in the face after noticing that the most recognizable landmark of the Manhattan skyline has been lit up in the San Francisco 49ers red and gold team colors just days before the two teams meet for the NFC Championship.

As the city darkened last night, people couldn't help but notice the symbol of New York awash in the California team's hues.

While the fans were screaming foul,  there was a logical— if not a bit untimely— reason from keeping the 86-story building blue— the Chinese New Year.

The ESB was bathed in the red and gold in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year which begins Monday— the day after the big game.

While that explanation didn't satisfy most fans, the building was already committed to the colors which represent the "Year of the Dragon."

Last week the ESB was bathed in glowing Big Blue until the most mythical symbol in Chinese culture took precedence.

And there's more bad news for Giants fans.

The dragon— and its colors— is considered to be the luckiest and most powerful symbol in the Chinese zodiac.


  1. Probably not the best idea ever...I think they should change it. I mean, I get the whole Chinese New Year thing, but there are plenty of Chinese Giants fans our there and I'm sure they're not that happy either.

  2. Yes all four of the Chinese Giants fans are freaking ticked off... and I quote "This a not bery onarble"

  3. good to see my teams colors in New York. It's a good omen.

  4. Haha, slap in the face to the NY Giants

  5. It was a tight game and far match, but lets admit we all have our favorite teams.