Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kris Humphries Gets Annulled By Blake Griffin Then Says He's "Flopping"

Kris Humphries must miss being in the limelight of reality television because last night the New Jersey Nets forward became another poster-boy for a dunk by Blake Griffin during the Nets 101-91 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Griffin dominated inside the whole game and got real on Humphries with a cover-worthy left-handed dunk over the country's "Most Hated Athlete" in the second quarter.


The Clippers forward was dunking and celebrating all game and looked as happy as Kim Kardashian at a swag bag table.

The Nets stood by starstruck.

Humphries— to his credit— gave Griffin all he could handle but— in the end— Griffin gave back more.

After the game, a still steamed Humphries was asked about Griffin's play.

"What, flopping and getting a call?  He's a great player.  And they won," he said.  "What do you want me to say?"

Humphries was frustrated after picking up his sixth foul on a call favorable to the Clippers star.  It sounded like he thinks Griffin (23 points, 14 rebounds) was having his way with other Nets too.

The dunk on Humphries came right after Net DeShawn Stevenson was whistled for a flagrant foul that knocked Griffin to the floor.

"I'm not talking about fouls," Humphries said.  "He's a great player.  It's tough when you get in foul trouble and the game's going in a certain direction."

Stevenson said the Nets were only putting bodies on Griffin to keep him from dunking at will.

"I'm not trying to hurt him but at the same time, he's coming through the lane dunking," he said about the flagrant call.  "I didn't try to do anything personal, but it's a hard foul and he kept getting dunks any way so it didn't matter."

In the end, Humphries (14 points) got what is real and what isn't mixed up once again.

"It's a game of runs and we made our run and they're not a championship caliber team who can't have runs made against them," he said.


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