Friday, January 13, 2012

Lamar Odom Got Lap Dance From "Khloe Look-a-Like"

Lamar Odom was spotted partying at a Washington, D.C. strip club and reportedly spent hundreds of dollars during the night— including a lap dance from a woman who resembled his wife Khloe— reports the New York Post.

The Dallas Mavericks star was seen at the club Sunday night with two teammates the night before the Mavericks were to be honored by President Obama at The White House for winning the 2011 NBA Championship, according to Page Six.

A representative for Odom, the husband of reality star Khloe Kardashian for two years, told the New York Post that the NBA star was at the Stadium strip club, but no one in his group received any private or public dances from any of the girls.

But sources, according to the Post, told Radar Online that Odom was seen spending hundreds of dollars on several lap dances— including some from a "Khloe look-a-like."

I know being a Kardashian look-a-like in strip clubs is all the rage these days but, a Khloe replica strutting her stuff is a lot of woman anywhere.

If Odom wants to keep his club escapades more discreet, he might try not getting lap dances from 6-foot strippers with Dwight Howard-sized shoulders.

I wonder if Kris Humphries looks for Kim K wannabes. Too soon?

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