Friday, January 6, 2012

Six Flagrant Fouls In One Game Never Called

A video clip from a basketball game in Washington between Highland and Connell high schools shows one of the dirtiest games anyone has ever seen which the referees did not call a flagrant foul although it is evidently clear that a couple of players from one team are committing such acts.

It's amazing that the referees never saw #34 of the Connell Eagles act like he was in the WWF and body slam an opposing player more than one time.

His infractions were only called "holding."


This bearded bruiser makes old NBA enforcers like Rick Mahorn and Charles Oakley look like kids on the playground while refs trivialized all the blatant fouls made by him and his Connell teammate.

 The fouls were recorded by the uncle of one of the Highland players and the video went viral on YouTube.   Many people are questioning the coach of the Connell team for not disciplining his players and the refs lack of action

The video shows six intentional different fouls— four of which look pretty dirty.

Why would the Connell coach leave his two senior players, who were in the middle of so much controversy, in that long and—interestingly— why would the Highland coach keep his players in the game without protesting?

Rough play in sports is part of the game, but these two bullies looked like bullies.

Connell won the game on its home court, 38-37.


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